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Keep AliaVisio free!

I am setting up a fundraising campaign because, as you may have noticed, this site does not contain any advertising nor does it collect any of your data. This is usually what allows site creators like me to survive.

I find this simply dreadful and refuse that Alia Visio visitors or subscribers be subjected to advertisements, often badly done, or that their personal data be collected.

I created this space in order to get out of the usual shackles, to have a place to exchange freely without being spied on at all times, to have a good time “disconnected” (irony when you hold us) from the rest of the virtual world which has become a little too concrete.

Your donations will allow me to keep this place open and to devote more time to it. I’ m never satisfied with the present content but I have so much to manage and do that the current time is no longer enough and when it is enough it’ s often the will that is no longer there.

The objective is 200$, enough to pay back all the expenses of the site, the rest will be a bonus allowing me to create more quickly. If you want to support a particular project, don’t hesitate to comment on it, other people might do the same thing. In this case I will make sure that the project is completed as soon as possible.



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